75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is most-familiar to players in North America. The bingo numbers that are called are associated with the letters in the word BINGO.

Styles Classic Mode - 25 Numbers on a 5x5 grid card Free Space - 24 Numbers on a 5x5 grid card, free space in center Daub-All - 75 or 72 Numbers on three 5x5 grids Objective * Players select and purchase their bingo cards * Bingo numbers (balls) are called, one by one. * Prizes are awarded to the first player who matches the pattern on their card * Game ends when the prize is awarded.

Variant Bingo

Variant bingo plays with 75 bingo balls and is primarily enjoyed in Scandinavian countries. The games last for longer periods of time as each game offers 5 prizes in 5 different rounds.

How it works * Cards are purchased as a "strip" of three 5x5 grid cards * Each 5x5 card contains 25 numbers * Each strip contains all the numbers from 1-75, with none repeating Objective * Game is played in rounds. Once a player matches the bingo required for that round, the round advances. * Round 1: Match any line * Rounds 2 - 4: Match any horizontal line * Round 5: Match the full card.
90 Ball Bingo

This game is most recognized in the United Kingdom and most Spanish bingo communities, but is also played throughout Europe. In addition to having a different style of card from the 75 ball game, typically, three prizes are offered in the game throughout three rounds.

How it works * Cards are purchased as a "strip" of six 3x9 grid cards * Each card contains 15 numbers and 15 "free" spaces * Each strip contains all numbers from 1-90 with no repeats. * The numbers from 1 - 90 are called Objective * Three prizes are awarded in three different rounds. As a pattern is matched, the round progresses. * The game ends when all prizes have been awarded.
80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo has been used traditionally as a side game, played mainly in the United Kingdom. This game is a speed game, played out quickly.

How it works * 4x4 cards containing 16 numbers, no free spaces * 80 Bingo numbers are called. * Numbers are colour coded, Red, Yellow, Blue and Grey * Similar pattern play available as in 75 ball bingo Objective * Match the pattern on any of your cards to win